Sunday, 30 September 2012

Johan dan Adam Mukhriz


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Like Father Like Son

His new hair.. :)
And for the 1st time he fly to kL..
:) holidayyyyy
Happy nyer dier..
Mcm tau2 je nak g jauh
Ikut papa n mama :)

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Friday, 28 September 2012

Finally Friday!!

At Curtin University Sarawak Campus

At Curtin University on Curtin Open Day a few weeks ago

Kekanda D with little kitten :)
Alhamdulillah... another Jumuah (Friday) .
The master of all days, has come again.
After almost 2 weeks I didnt hold or even see my DSLR..,
today, I take it out from my bag..
 Here are some photo of Kekanda D
which I have inside my Camera..!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

LIN DAN kahwin sudah! :D Congrates!

amboiii Lin Dan..

siyes nyampah ngan jantan ni..
bila mengenang match dier dgn Datuk LCW di Olimpik
sampaikan nak tukar bulu tangkis pun tak boleh
I'm sorry to say :p

Whos The Best? :: De Gea or Lindegaard ?

David De Gea (left) and Anders Lindegaard (right) on their training session with Man Utd!

I prefer Lindegaard!
Hoping that he is the next Edwin Van De Saar !!

Karangan Yang Jujur

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Happy Birthday Princess Azemah Ni'matul (26 Sept 2012)

Happy birthday to this beautiful Princess
May God Bless You.. All the way.. :)

I hope U will find my blog on search engine :D

University Of Manchester...!!

my dream place to go..! :)





The song below was sing by Alyah...
I would like to dedicate it to U..!
The lyrics was so meaningful and beautiful :)


Ku Disini Mengalunkan Rindu Yang Resah
Aku Disini Memuja Bayangmu
setiap Detik Degup Nadiku Hanya Untukmu
Cinta Membara Jiwa Gelora

Kau Yang Terindah Didalam Hidupku
Hanya Cintamu Mekar Selamanya
Tak Inginku Lagi Mencintai Yang Lain
Kau Telah Mengikatku Selamanya

Ku Disini Menantikan Janji Yang Hilang
Aku Disini Menghitung Harapan
Setiap Detik Tiap Nafasku Ada Cintamu
Bagai Semalam Semuanya Hilang

The Chronicles Of .............

Go and find that song...!

Singer : Edcoustic

Betapa lemah diriku ini
Berat ujian dariMu
Ku pasrahkan semua.. padaMu......

Yakinlah ... bahawa cinta tetap indah pada akhirnya...

 I don't have any new photo from my own lense.... :(

 layankan je la apa yang ada ni...
Apa yang I baca.. itu yang I share kan dgn seluruh dunia :)
Moga dpt jadi panduan kita bersama...

Cinta ..

♥... Jika engkau kejar dia semakin menjauh

♥... Dan bila engkau biarkan saja ia akan bertumbuh dengan indah

♥... Ia akan berkembang dan terus menjadi baik

♥... Biarkanlah Allah yang mengatur semuanya hingga

♥... Keindahan itu datang pada waktunya

♥... Cukuplah cintai ia dalam diam dari kejauhan

♥... Dengan kesederhanaan dan keikhlasan

Yakinlah ... bahawa cinta tetap indah pada akhirnya.

Maher Zain tecikkkk :) comeyyy nyeerrr

Monday, 24 September 2012

Sunday, 23 September 2012

HApPy BiRthday Sis!!!

:) I luv U sis..
May god bless U

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Friday, 21 September 2012

Give it all, expect less!

My compact Digital Camera :) I miss You!!!

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Happy Friday!



I don't have any new photo to upload..
Now I'm cruising website.. and I found something 
that touch my heart...

Hope can change my workplace next year..
Ok.. no need to expressed a lot of feelings here!

enjoy the picture!!
Extremely Romantic!! I LIKE..........

p/s: Can't wait for year end holiday...! yippieeeeeeee!!...

Thursday, 20 September 2012

ADAM LEVINE is now in town!! Adam Mukhriz???

Maroon 5 !! Shah Alam Stadium U ols..!! 
Go for it !! :lol:
Finally something exciting heading your way. 
Grammy Award-winning band Maroon 5 will be hitting up Shah Alam Stadium tonite! 
This will also be in conjunction with the band’s latest album Overexposed to be released later this month and you can finally scream your love for Adam Levine.

ahaks.. I'll go for Adam Mukhriz .. arrghhhhhhh (scream)

HOT kan beliau... :)


My favourite TV shows ::::: America's Next Top Model
College Edition_episode 4 : Zombie Photoshoot

America's Next Top Model season 16 finale 2011
:: Molly and Brittani
I'm a fan of Brittani

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Cuaca Panas. Put your pillows in the sun! :D

can't sleep! it was a very hot afternoon..
I took this advantage to spruce up my pillows!

I do it quite sometimes with all my pillows because, 
somehow, it makes our bed feel much more comfy and clean. 
tido pun sedap sebab bakteria mati kene panas!!

F.Y.I. ,
the sun is a natural disinfectant and just being outside, 
the pillows are spruced up, cleaned up and fluffed up.


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Monday, 17 September 2012

Fanorexia: Can supporting your football team be an addiction?

Lately, I found myself spending so much time watching football match!
At first, its just because there is no exciting tv programe to watch
which then take me to watch only sports channel!! 

I'm a fan of Man. Utd., Barcelona, Spain and Argentina! 
We all need to be obsessed about something, 
and football seems a better thing than anything else to be obsessed about...

I wouldnt say im obsessed with football at all.. 
but I LIKE WATCHING the game.. 
 very simple and very elegant and entertaining.. 
and played all over the world!!

Whatever people say..
its not a big deal when girls also obsessed with their favourite team!
Girls have their own reason why they like their football team..!

In my point of view,
at first , I like Man Utd and Barca.. because I heard a lot of people talking about this team.. 
It makes me asking myself .. and I need to know them and I do a lot of research about this team. 
What so special??

 Ya.. of course.. good looking football player! ahaks

but then, when I watch the game for the 1st time..,
seriously... I like to see their skills...
so amazing... and that is why, 
almost around the world like Man Utd.. and of course Barcelona! 

I like to be no 1 in everything..
and of course I will choose the number 1 football team too :)
even sometimes, Man Utd and Barca is not number 1 in ranking..
but, we have to be loyal to our favourite team...

No. 1 in the world.. ... Lionel Messi :) ... Barcelona!!

Am I obsessed?  
 I have to get up insanely early sometimes to watch weekend games, 
due to the stupid seven hours difference. :lol:

I have to go out of my way to read articles, 
cruise websites and search video. 
So what comes in mainstream media there, 
is really difficult to find here. 
So yes, I have to work a little harder at being the same normal fan in England and Spain..! 


So am I actually obsessed? No, I think not, 
I'm just a regular fan that really has to try harder to maintain a level of fandom. 
I don't have too much Man Utd things in my room..
 I don't sleep in Barca or MU sheets
 (but sometimes I do..coz I have their jersey..hahaha)
I'm still a newer fan, so my history... it's lacking on fine details.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hello Mikez!!

Long Time No C!!

Who's Mikez?
Its ARYANA!!!!
my friend...

I see ur text on my chatbox!
But, I think its better to write a special entry for U :)

Hows life??
Hope everything is doing fine..!
Miss U.. lama tak borak2..
masing2 bz... tp aku tgk je ko
membebel kat FB... kekeke...
tp malas nak kacau... biar la dulu..

Nanti kalo time aku cuti, aku kaco ko puas2..!!
tungguuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....  :))

erk..nahh! amek la pic William and Kate yang sweet sangat ni..!
aku suke..! haha

Monday, 3 September 2012

My New Lens! :D


Good evening buddies!

It was a very hot day.. It make me feel horrible and miserable... 
goshhhhhhhhhhh.... @#!$%^&*
Whether it's because of global warming or not, lately temperatures have been spiking all over the world..

Forget it..!

A few days ago, I've bought a new lens.. It was a prime lense..
Bought this lens after using the kit lens for some time
also well known as a Portrait Lense...
It cost me RM350..! 

I have been impressed with the results especially when looking at its bluring(bokeh)
Very sharp when stopped down, soft at f1.8, much better at f2.5 and excellent over f4.